Hear ye, hear ye: I have recently discovered Netflix.

That sounds ridiculous.  I’ve known what Netflix was for a while.  I not have access to it, though.  Apparently my parents have been paying for my sisters to have Netflix…and no one shared it with me.  Until now.

I could spend ages going through what Netflix has.  For now, though, I’ve settled on about a dozen television shows and a couple of movies that I haven’t seen yet.  First on the list?  Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond (originally on BBC America’s Dramaville).  I saw a bit of Fleming when it was on television, but I didn’t get to see the end.  I’m looking forward to it.

I’m going to spend so much time doing random things this summer.  Netflix, writing projects, class…if only I had a job.  Hopefully something will come up and I’ll figure it out.

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Plot Twists

I like plot twists in books and movies most of the time.  Here’s what I’ve been thinking about: the plot of my old novel.  That’s actually a really vague description…

When I was in middle school, I wrote a novel.  I immediately started, but never finished, the sequel.  That’s my summer project: rewriting the sequel.  It started off with a discordant married couple and a depressed alcoholic, but I don’t like that anymore.  I want to work on developing my female characters and advancing the story.  That’s hard, though.

Originally there was an assassination and death and all of that fun stuff you’d expect from me.  Now, though, I want to go another way.  I’m not entirely sure, but I anticipate plot twists.

This is a random post.  If anyone has any plot twists that they love seeing, let me know.  I don’t like being cliché, but I’m okay with using clichés as a starting point, a springboard into a better idea.

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You always have time to stop and smell a flower.  That’s something that I’ve learned recently.

Today I was thinking about how much I’d like to give a commencement speech when I graduate.  I don’t have any particularly stunning nuggets of wisdom to share with people, but I’d still like to share the pieces that I do have.

The first sentence of this post is one of those things.  When things are overwhelming or you feel like you’re running around like a mad axeman is chasing you, stop for a moment.  Take, say, 5 minutes to take a step back and re-evaluate what you’re doing.  Taking a break is good because when you return to your problem, you can look at it a different way.  Go for a walk, swim in a large body of water, or even stop to smell the lilac trees/bushes.  It’ll help.

If I’m lucky, then in 2 years, I’ll be standing on a stage repeating this (and more) to people.  I really hope that one day it happens.  The future is a lot closer than we think.

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HSM2 (High School Musical 2)

High School Musical 2 is on right now.

Last time I live-blogged HSM, I didn’t get through the second movie because my sister wanted to watch football.  Now I will!  Updates will come during commercial breaks.

Okay.  So far the movie has been on for half an hour.  I’ve been singing to it.  No shame.

Things that I’m noticing now that I didn’t when this came out:
Troy: “So do you think we can work things out?”  Right after singing a song about working things out.  Was he dropped on his head as a baby?  Or does he have mild anterograde amnesia?  Sheesh.
So many almost-kisses.  It’s ridiculous.
The T necklace that Troy gives Gabriella looks like it’s symbolic of Texas.  Seriously.
How do these teenagers so perfectly sing the song You Are the Music in Me their first time?  They’ve never even seen it before!
…And they don’t happen to see the people who come in?  Or who start singing?  How does this happen?!
Why are Troy and Gabriella the only people not dressed for work?  They just clocked in, right?
“Maybe we can work this out, but only if we’re all in this together.”  Dammit, Troy.  You are so…ridiculous.
The giant ridiculous looking steps that Sharpay and her family take to get away from her mother.
Chad has no idea how to caddy.  But he has great reflexes when it comes to golf balls.  Not golf carts, though.
This is what a caddy is supposed to do.  Advise the golfer.  Actually, though, that’s the job of a caddy.
Pink helicopters (credit to my friend Kristen for pointing that one out)
Poor Ryan.  Though he does match his father clothing-wise.
Why is Sharpay wearing a tiara on the golf course?  And now a bikini under her dress at dinner?  I don’t even know what’s going on with this girl.
Troy is so awkward at dinner.  I don’t blame him.  That scream of frustration was entertaining.
Gabriella’s voice is annoying.  It’s all…high pitched and girly.  And giggly.  Doesn’t she understand the whole “don’t make mistakes or you’re fired” thing?
Wolves?  Dogs?  Coyotes?  Something is howling in the background.  And they don’t seem to care.
Sharpay is being annoying.  Doesn’t she get that Troy isn’t interested?  And she looks kind of spray tanned, not going to lie.
HOW DOES TROY NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT’S GOING ON?  Is he inept?  Is he an idiot?  He doesn’t think that promotions just fall out of the sky, does he?  And that jobs just come out of nowhere?
Fulton giving fashion advice.  O…kay.  He’s being a little creepy, though.
Troy’s relief at being told Fulton wants to see him.
Random basketball players calling Troy “bro”.
Sharpay is creepy.
Chad has the right idea taking his ball back.  At least someone can stand up to Troy.
POOR RYAN.  “I’m not staff…I wasn’t invited.”  This poor kid is so…lonely.  And mistreated.  And cute.  He deserves hugs.  And…better hats.
I Don’t Dance is one of the most memorable songs in the HSM series.  But who are these other people?  Who’s the other team?  And who’s home/away?  And WHY does Chad swing so dramatically?  Weirdo.
Ryan has game.
Ah, singing and dancing.  The one thing that brings together opposing sports teams.
When did Ryan and Chad change clothes?  And WHY?  It looks so weird.
Troy is being a jerk to Ryan.  Not cool.  At all.  Troy, you brought this upon yourself.
The entire fight between Chad and Ryan.  Oh my god.  That’s intense.  And heartbreaking.  Very heartbreaking.
Yo, Sharpay’s mum.  WHY would you get rid of the tulips?  Not cool.  Not okay.  I love tulips.
Sharpay has a tail.  It’s purple and transparent.  And her own…band?  Judging by the drumset.
Troy is SO AWKWARD when he’s singing with Sharpay.  I can’t really blame him.
They dance like they’re from an 80s movie.
Okay, those sparklers?  That’s how Michael Jackson got his face set on fire.  Well, sort of.
Troy: “Need some air.”  WHILE HE’S OUTSIDE.
Sneaking out behind a potted plant.  Good job, Troy.
Grease reference!
FINALLY.  Ryan grows a backbone and stands up to his sister.
Why does Sharpay need a beat to leave?
Poor Fulton.
Gabriella, why do you only grow a backbone when it comes to talking to Sharpay?  Why couldn’t you talk to Troy like this?  You know, about your relationship problems?  No, you have to sing about it.  And it’s SUCH a dramatic song.  This isn’t how you quit a job, if that’s what you’re doing, Gabriella.  You can’t sing your resignation to your employer.
Troy, you need to get over yourself.  Don’t grab a girl from behind in the dark when she’s carrying a purse.  It’s creepy.  Also, it’s not like she’s going to die or something.  You can still see her.
Is Troy a narcissist?  Because it kind of looks like it based on his bedroom.  I mean, why are you framing and hanging up your own jerseys?
Troy is crazy.  The song Bet On It proves it.
So, this movie sends mixed messages.  Troy cares so much about what other people think about him…but he also doesn’t…and I just don’t know what kind of messages this is supposed to send.
Nice cars.
Troy and Chad are such frat boys.
FINALLY.  People give Ryan credit!  FINALLY.  Ryan stands up to his sister.  FINALLY, RYAN GROWS AND DEVELOPS AS A CHARACTER.
The sock puppet woman isn’t good at sock puppets.  Bad ventriloquist.
Oh god, Troy.  We get it, you’re all in this together.  How many times are you going to repeat that?
Gabriella got the T necklace back…somehow.  There’s a thief in their friend group.  Someone took it back from Troy.
Pretty much every song ends in “Yeah”.  No, really, my friends and I were keeping track.  They do.
Gabriella and Troy kiss so many times at the end that it’s like they’re trying to make up for some…oh, all of those almost kisses.  Right.

Notable Quotes:

“Maybe we can work this out, but only if we’re all in this together.” -Troy

“Dude, who cares?  For $40, I’d caddy for Godzilla!” -Chad
“Close, very close…” -Fulton

“That girl needs to take up knitting.  Or some sport where she can only injure herself.” -Chad

“In case you’re not familiar with this particular item, it goes around your neck.  Like a, hem, dog collar.” -Fulton (handing Troy a tie)

“Rule #3: All dates are official, whether the boy knows it or not.” -Taylor

“They’re talking about scholarships while Jason and Chad were, like, serving me…It felt weird.” -Troy

“By the end of summer, you’ll have me golfing like a pro!” -Sharpay
“…if I live that long.” -Troy

“Like the shoes?  They’re Italian.” -Troy

“There’s a guy out there who looks just like Troy Bolton, but I have no idea who he really is.” -Chad

“You’re an employee.  Not a fairy godmother.” -Sharpay

“The guys?  Oh, you mean all those tall people.” -Gabriella

“You got game?” -Chad
“Little.” -Ryan (Beats Chad at hand on bat game.)

“Hey, Evans!” -Chad  (I was freaking out.  SAME THING THAT JAMES SAYS TO LILY IN SNAPE’S WORST MEMORY.)

“Hey, I know everyone thinks that I’m Sharpay’s poodle…” -Ryan

“Dad, do I seem different to you this summer?” -Troy
“You dress better, that’s for sure.” -His dad

“I’m not going to play if I can’t play my way.” -(Petulant) Troy (in Bet On it)

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Lilac is a lovely scent in addition to a very nice colour.  At home, in Dallas, my parents have lilac trees.  There’s one in our front yard that I really like because every few years, birds nest in it.  When the tree is in bloom, the scent of the flowers spreads just about everywhere.  It’s really a wonderful thing.  I wish that more people could experience it.

If you see a lilac tree (or bush, because I know they also come in bush form), take a minute to stop and smell the flowers.  Unless you’re allergic to the plant.  Or something else in the immediate vicinity.  Then you shouldn’t stop because you may have an allergic reaction, and that would not be good.

Yes.  This post is about how much I like a tree.  I’m an odd person.  That’s okay, though.  I think I like who I am right now.

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Daily Quote

From thoughtful-mind:

“ Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today. ”

― ThichNhatHanh

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Walk Away

By Kelly Clarkson.  I heard this song on the radio when I was home and it took me back to…I don’t know, middle school?  Something like that.

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